Girl has a good memory part 2?

Yesterday I ran into a female cashier at Taco Bell the one who has a good memory because I talked about it on here from the past. When I had the chance to talk to her for a little bit. I asked her a few questions about her good memory. I asked her do you go to college? She said no I just graduated from high school. Then i asked her about her grades and she has decent grades in high school then I mentioned about her good memory she said she has good memory on remembering things. She's not showing any interests of anything but I forget to tell her i turned 35 recently and with her good memories I don't want her to read things further with me and I do look younger then 35. I wonder if it's okay if I tell her not to read into me too much because I'm a lot older then you think? Or simply tell her I'm not interested.
7 mo
She no longer works there. It's unknown if she entered a relationship after meeting me.
Girl has a good memory part 2?
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