Is she looking for more?

I have been messaging this girl on snapchat for about 2 weeks now.
We have never really met in real life, but we have both been at church events together, just never really close.
We've seen each other of course.

The other day, she friended me on snap.

She later posted about going snowboarding in her story, which I replied to (I really like snowboarding too).

Since then, we've been snapping almost every day.
Sometimes she will put the streak logo on her snap (which could be legit because a lot of peeps like doing streaks nowadays).

Buy we also have been chatting about other stuff too.
Sometimes we will carry a conversation on for an hour or more via snap.

She has never hinted that she wants anything more, but I thought it was a little random that she friended me first (unless she is just looking to get aquanted which is possible because we share mutual friends too).

So what do you think?
Is this girl after more than just friendship, or is she just wanting to be friends?

(Also I think it ads to the story that, I'm not super attracted to her in an intimate way really).

(Obviously that's not us in the photos lol)
Is she looking for more?
Is she looking for more?
Is she looking for more?
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