Should I give this girl my debit card info?

Here this may sound shocking but it is neither a bot nor a veteran. It's a REAL 23-year-old woman. She has sent me some questionable things and we have started talking just a couple of days ago.

We were mostly talking about some "business" stuff like CashApp and stuff. She now wants to put money into my debit card. Having two cards, I gave her my Visa Mall GIFT card on which I have no money, and she claims it is not registered to an owner (despite me already having had registered my name on it). I NEVER gave her my Wells Fargo card info which is controlled by my mom and the SSI.

She is 23 and I am almost 21. She added me via Quick Add on Snapchat. I think she is very attractive, but I also think she is acting weird and trying to get me to have my money stolen from my debit card. My mom manages my card. But I don't want to tell my mom about anything between me and the girl.

As I said, video calls have proved that she is a real person. NOT a bot.
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Should I give this girl my debit card info?
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