Next move possible?

(I’m not that smart when it comes to love so excuse me) There was a girl I chatted with, sometimes all night even. We got close, she started sharing really personal secrets with me. Good morning texts, Good night texts, hearts, stickers, gifs, songs, everything. I developed feelings for her, maybe the fact I was all by myself for a lot of time made me think things will work out. She asked me who I like and I gave her a hint that it was her, even tho she said she prefers to stay alone for some time I couldn’t resist. So I told her how I feel, and then she told me she only has friendly feelings for me. We decided we can still be friends and things were going like usual, it wasn’t a huge change. But know she is really distant, hasn’t answered some my messages. My question is. I have her some time and I want to ask if there’s a problem or something went wrong in her personal life. Would it ruin or relationship even more? What should I do now?
Next move possible?
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