Is it normal to crush like a teenage girl in their 20’s?

There’s a guy I met 4 years ago, we talked a little, we both felt a lot of attraction. Just a total sweetheart. At the time I was in an abusive relationship that I ended up marrying and didn’t want to cheat. So I broke contact with the guy. But now I finally was able to end the abusive marriage safely.

the guy is single, and I know he’s as interested in me as I am him. Unfortunately he’s a good friend of my sisters husband, and she doesn’t want me to see him until the divorce is finalized because my situation is “messy”. Which could be up to a 6-12 months.

I’m a very logical person, and thinking logically, when i met the guy we were both drunk. I don't know much about him other than he asked my dad if he could date me at 19. And we couldnt keep our eyes off eachother. Yet i’m so hung up on him. I want to respect my sister but I also don’t want to miss out on knowing if i’d like him. Is this normal? Like i barely know him but I've thought about him a lot and i can’t let it go. it’s embarrassing lol i feel like a crazy person. Please tell me someone else has gotten like this while theyre in their 20’s lol.
Is it normal to crush like a teenage girl in their 20’s?
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