Is my friend being over the top?

I have two friends— one woman and one man.

The woman used to work with me. She’s gorgeous and receives a lot of attention from guys, but has trouble getting into relationships. She can be over analytical and over dramatic. While she worked with me, she claimed that my guy friend (who has been in a serious relationship and just got engaged) had been pursuing her and hitting on her (with the help of her supervisor/ the guy’s friend) and grew to like him. According to her, she eventually found out that he was in a relationship and tried to keep her distance from him, although her supervisor forced her to interact with him by writing up up (I can confirm I witness her getting in trouble for not interacting with him). According to her, he kept hitting on her (I’ve seen the text messages) and playing manipulative mind games (trying to make her jealous with his girlfriend, hot and cold, got jealous whenever any guy talked to her). Eventually, she blocked him and ignored him until she got another job. He looked so sad and kept trying to get her attention. I told her to talk to him, but she refused. To this day, I’ve witnessed the guy find excuses to “coincidentally” show up when she visits me at the job (he typically works from home, but will show up if she’s there) and eavesdrop on her conversations. She tries her best to keep avoid him and keep her interactions with him short. I’ve witnessed her former supervisor (the guy’s friend) ask her multiple times if she has boyfriend, then get annoyed when she says that she’s taken and press her for information about her love life. The guy says that he never did anything to her and doesn’t know why she acts the like that towards him

I’ve heard multiple people say that my guy friend has a reputation for being a womanizer and he’s cheated on his now fiancé with another woman in the office. However, I have trouble seeing him that way and it’s hard to believe my friend about him.
Is my friend being over the top?
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