If you meet a girl when you're not looking, whats the point of having a crush then?

From what I've heard a lot of people met their mates through friends or by fate, spontaneity etc. that im starting to think its weird to have a crush on someone. Im turning 28 in 4 months and never had a girlfriend. also a virgin. Im the shy kind of person, the stereotypical Jesse Eisenberg type. To tell you the truth, I wish i could be the Don Draper type. (not because of his looks. Its his body language) Lately I've been trying to focus on myself with work and hobbies and little by little im becoming less shy/anxious and a bit more assertive. Sometimes I can't read social cues or signals on a girl either. About few years ago when I was working as a part time cashier there was a customer, a redhead, who I had a huge crush on. Eventually I did ask her out but she wasn't interested. I was glad I finally mustered it up but I can't help but think I did the wrong thing, because everyone meets their partners when they're not looking, as if they never ever got rejected once in their lives. Usually when im around girls I can shortly talk but most of the time I keep myself disconnected from them, because most of the time im worried that I might be "chasing them". Should I be "mysterious"? Leave them guessing? How long should I wait before asking one out? I dont think its all about looks or money either (even if you were the Brad Pitt type). One of my friends recommended Models by Mark Manson and I think its interesting so far. But anyway, whenever im out and about minding my own business or standing on line and I see a girl, I still tense up. My favorite place to go is Barnes and Noble by the way. I love the graphic novel section (love Walking Dead).
If you meet a girl when you're not looking, whats the point of having a crush then?
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