Girls, Why is she snappy and sensitive with me now?

Why is my friend snappy and sensitive to the things i say. She wanted to argue but i ignore her attempts. She still upset off something i said 2 weeks ago that was true. She asked me for my opinion but got mad when i told her the honest raw truth. Before this she was sensitive but after she's both sensitive and snappy with everyone. She has a friends with benefits so i thought that would help. It made things worse.

She want to know who i'm talking too, texting, hanging out with and who i'm cutting (having sex with). As i'm texting near her she looks at my phone and try to read my texts. She listen in on my converse with other women and ask what they said even though they were talking to me. She acting like she's my girl/wife.

Everything seems to be great when i'm showing her affection. But she now call me an azzhole and i'm mean. I tried to offer to not be friends with her anymore and she flipped out. Made it uncomfortable for everyone around me. She's snappy and sensitive towards me and things i do. Yet wants to be friends and continue to talk to someone she considers an azzhole. I always been this way. I show love and affection for the past year and now she's like this towards me.

She's snappy and sensitive to me but yet love my affection. Wtf is wrong with my friend?
1 y
She dont want to stop being friends that hurt her when i mentioned it. She hate that i talk to other women more than her, she hates when she think i'm not talking to her (i just don't always show a lot of affection) she gets depo shots so she doesn't have periods. I thought that at first. She hates when ever i become close with another friend that is female.
Girls, Why is she snappy and sensitive with me now?
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