Do you think women hate it when men talk to women like they do other men?

This is a complicated question to ask, because it's an idea that's hard to explain in 150 characters.

You see, the thing about me is... I'm undateable. Men who have nothing to risk or lose with women can be as honest as we want to, because we're never going to get anything sexual or romantic from modern women, anyways. So I'm not the type to lie to women. I talk to women the same exact way I talk to men, something VERY few men do. Most men treat women like delicate little flowers with fragile egos... Because they are. You have to metaphorically walk on verbal eggshells all the time around women. Men do it subconsciously, at this point. It's instinctual.

But when you talk to women like you do other men, women seem to HATE that! I've even had some women on here accuse me of being "an asshole" or having double standards for being insecure about the way I look but also telling unattractive women the honest truth in how THEY look when they go fishing for compliments by posting selfies up, but they're like a 5 out of 10 in full makeup on with push-up bras. I'm not "being mean because I hate how I look and projecting that onto you." I'm talking to you exactly how men usually talk to each other: by not lying to you or being soft and overly polite to you; like how most men talk to other men.

- So in short, most men treat women very delicately to not hurt their egos. Do you think women, with enough time, could handle, or even like the brutal honesty and "no f*cks given" attitude men display when they talk to each other?

- Do you think some women can handle being talked to the way men talk to each other?

- Do you know some women (you aren't married to or dating) who are okay with brutal honesty and not being emotionally coddled?

I don't really have one single question here. I just wanted to start a conversation about this topic.
Do you think women hate it when men talk to women like they do other men?
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