A girl I used to like slid in my dms. Can anyone help me?

Hey everybody, so first off, I am 14 years old. When I was in sixth grade, there was a girl that I liked a lot, but she ended up not liking me. The last time we talked was in seventh grade and now I am a freshman in high school. She left my country. Suddenly, a week ago, she texts me on Instagram asking me what I've been up to, and that she wanted to check in on me. She texted me about a week and a half. We texted 3 times I guess. I had a depression a couple of days ago, and she texted me and asked how I'm doing, and I told her that I am depressed and the reason behind it. She was so friendly and helpful, we talked a lot, and she told me that whenever I need help and I feel like I need to take some stuff out, to text her, and that she is always available even though she might not directly answer. I asked my friend to give me his thoughts, and he said that she probably likes me, but I don't want to directly take my hopes that high. So, can anyone of you answer this question and give me his/her thoughts? Thank you, I would really appreciate it.
A girl I used to like slid in my dms. Can anyone help me?
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