Guys do you prefer shy or confident girls?

I'm a pretty reserved introverted and let us not forget Single girl, but I tend to mellow out when you get to talking to me for awhile, I've never had a boyfriend and am wondering is this the problem? Or is it one of my other issues...


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  • Well if your an introvert that makes it exceptionally difficult to get noticed. Not only do you keep to yourself, you probably don't go out of your way much to get any sort of recognition.

    At the higschool level a "Confident" girl would probably have an easier time.

    Now I use the word confident loosely here. If you are an introvert, your still young enough to change that. The more you put yourself out there the more confidence you will gain. Just like any muscle in your body, if you work it out enough it gets stronger.

    Try and push yourself just a TINY bit more then you did yesterday. it gets easier as you go, just try to avoid becoming over confident. baby steps :)


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  • shyness is cute. but only when there is an underlying energy. So its good to be shy, but outgoing at the same time. don't worry, you can't stay single for ever. =) someone will pick yah up one day

    • Thanks! I think there may be a 'underlying energy' as you put it..Wow your name is accurate you really are 'Just2DangNice' ! :)

    • i try =) just hang in there. you'll find a guy one day. be sure not to rush into that relationship though. always take the first relationship slow

    • .

      you should friend me so I can give you more advise or just talk in the future

  • I hate shy girls. I like the one who have a pretty good self-esteem of themselves and they definitely don't have to be naive otherwise I'll just take advange of them and then they would be sorry cause they met me.

    • 'Hate' is a strong word. Fancy yourself as a casanova then do we? Even I'm sorry you put up this answer tbh...

    • Just saying that most of naive girls will always be the one who will get hurt and they should be suffering just because they are naive, nothing more than this and no I'm certainly not a casanova like you say but I'm just saying that naive girls will get hurt ;)

    • I never said you were a casanova I only implied that you were referring to yourself as one, you also realize that girls that keep to themselves shouldn't be classified as 'naive' either, I'm quite the opposite actually, but thanks for the opinion, as cliched as it was...

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