Why did my friend purposely infect me with her illness and joke about it?

I have this friend and I’m starting to wonder if she is being fake and really hates me underneath. Since I graduated with a good degree and she failed her degree she has been avoiding me. She said to me ‘when you posted your marks I felt so depressed.’ Recently I have got a new job and I am really happy with it. Since then, she has continued to text me, but whenever I ask her to meet up, she either makes an excuse not to or changes the subject quickly. She also keeps telling me that there is this 'beautiful woman' who works at my job and she is tall and slim... She also keeps posting pictures of her with her other friends. The other day we finally met up, and we went for lunch together and she kept scrolling through all the pictures of my sister's social media on her phone, showing it to me and saying 'she has beautiful eyes, they are nothing like your eyes' and saying 'she is so slim, she could be a model'. Then she continued to show me a picture of my sister with her boyfriend and said 'look, she is so popular and has a boyfriend'

The other day my friend came over and she went through my photos and kept saying to me ‘I wish I could look like this in photos, I wish I could wear a bikini and look good like you but I’m so fat’. She kept comparing my photos to herself. She has done this in the past but it’s never been as bad as it was the other day. If I ever uploaded a photo of me she would message me and say ‘I want to be slim like you’ or ‘you are so beautiful I wish I could be you’

My friend also had an illness and was coughing and sneezing everywhere and then she said ‘I’m going to throw my dirty tissues at me so you get my illness’ and then started laughing. She also kept asking me how often I got ill and if I had strong immunity. I felt like almost the entire time I saw her that day she was making comments that pointed towards her wanting me to catch her illness.

Why did she purposely infect me with me with her illness and then joke about it?
Why did my friend purposely infect me with her illness and joke about it?
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