What are 3 good things and 3 bad things about yourself?

Do you know yourself well enough to point out your good and bad qualities?

For me, My good qualities are:

1. I'm very compassionate and help whenever possible

2. I am very responsible and always think logically

3. I am a woman of my word

My bad qualities are:

1. I am very fickle

2. Stubborn and impatient

3. Extremely self-righteous

How about you? What qualities define you as a person?


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  • You sound like a very honest, rooted kind of solid girl. And don't worry, your fickleness and stubbornness would cancel each other out, right? So you're left with just being a self-righteous, compassionate pain in the arse ;)

    Bad things first, then, eh? I can be ruthless and quite unforgiving. People who get on my bad side very, very rarely leave it, on many levels I interpret "unworthiness" as propensity, not happenstance(way too big words, I'm too tired to be typing like this). Secondly, I can be cynical, borderline nihilistic - there's no point or purpose, no great romantic ideals, no good and evil, only a goal to try and increase the average world happiness. Lastly, I can be very insensitive when it comes to sentimentality. If we're working on something, and someone gets emotional or distracted, I get a little bit provoked that they can't stay rational.

    My good sides, then. I get things done, under which I count stubborn as a swarm of horseflies. I am patient and reflective, I see everything from every angle I can, and do my best to truly understand the issues I deal with. For my third, I'm tired of listing mental qualities, so I pick my last good quality as "able to shoulder press 100 lbs with one arm".


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  • The good:

    1. I have extremely honourable/noble to those who have done right by me; I never forget a kindness

    2. I have an unbreakable resolve and am insanely mentally tough having developed an almost wolf-like instinct for survival.

    3. I say little but when I do speak it is often powerful/insightful or cuts right through all the pretences and bullsh*t people have.

    The bad:

    1. I am Machiavellian and derive pleasure/joy from intrigues and am guilty of Schadenfreude.

    2. If I feel I have been wronged I can be extremely cruel and vindictive

    3. I never ever forgive or forget an insult- I am infamous for holding onto something for years (not necessarily living with but storing it in the back of my mind) and waiting for the worst possible time for the party who has aggrieved me to retaliate with spectacular results.

    4. I tend to have melancholy and can be very moody/brooding/emotionally distant at times.

    • Your good characteristics show you to be unpretentious and a respectable man.

      But your negatives...wow, it must be a jungle in your head.

      Thnx for answering my Q's!

    • Thanks-my head can be a proverbial maelstrom at times. How to put it- I have a jocular/jovial personality a lot of the time but beneath that there is a lot of melancholy/regret about my past/people I've cared about etc.

  • Good:

    1. I'm charismatic. I can mesh into any social setting.

    2. I have a well-trained power of will. I can even stop my mind from processing pain.

    3. I'm good at making groups of people burst into song. It's kinda my thing.


    1. I come off super friendly, but I'm actually really mean. I throws people off sometimes.

    2. I'm good at manipulating people. Not out of malice, but just to entertain myself.

    3. I can be completely uncompromising if I feel like you've stepped out of line.

  • Good

    1. Pretty creative in terms of drawing

    2. Hardly ever lie and try to help people when I can

    3. Clever


    1. Socially awkward

    2. Bite my fingernails

    3. Could learn to clean my room a bit more

    • "hardly ever lie" is a very admirable quality, and hard to find in a person

  • Good Qualities

    1. I Try to do Right at All times

    2. I help whoever is in need

    3. I try to be a Man of my word

    Bad Qualities (I could make a LONG list)

    1. I have low self of Steam

    2. I sometimes make Bad decisions even when I know how its gonna turn out

    3. I cuss quite a bit

    • ahh sweet Brad, after chatting with ya once I know what an Ace you are so you better pick up that self-esteem of yours ;)

    • Your an Ace as well! thank you ;)

  • 1. Friendly

    2. Like to be with friends

    3. Healthy

    1. Below average looks

    2. Not assertive enough as I should be

    3. I have devoloped the feeling that everything I'm doing isn't leading to anything positive

    • I have moments where I question the point of things I'm doing too.

    • i believe life is random and that things doint have a linear point. its very wild and crazy, a unch of things happening at once with no explanation. but we're getting into philo 101 here which I took my fresh. year of college. don't wanna get too deep on that subj.

    • point to it*


  • Threee bad tigs:

    !. I like to put my hands on women I barely know.

    2. I don't respect relationship status.

    3. I like to flirt with women I know to be game players, or lesbians, just for fun.

    Three good things:

    1. I like toput my hands on women I barely know.

    2. I don't respect relationship status.

    3. I like to flirt and play with women I know to game players, or lesbians or gold-diggers, just for fun.

  • Good things:

    1. I'm generally open, honest and with good manners

    2. I'm witty and I got cool sense of humour!

    3. I'm content and happy about myself

    Bad things:

    1. I'm very intolerant towards minorities

    2. Sometimes I lose my temper too quickly and say or do things I may regret

    3. I'm not very forgiving

    • Thanks for sharing! sound like a cool guy...but work on the temper thing

  • Pros:

    1. I'm horrendously too intelligent for my own good.

    2. I'm a moderate thinker. I do things that work and don't subject myself to a biased standpoints on political parties.

    3. I'm out going and can be quite flirtatious when I really want to.


    1. I'm horrendously too intelligent for my own good.

    2. I'm a little biased towards moderate thinking.

    3. I have a social anxiety disorder.

    Well HERP ME DERP. Look at that.

  • good

    1) I'm loyal to the point that people call me weird (I don't even find other women atractive)

    2) I live for other people

    3) I am cursed with honesty (I literaly can't lie)


    1) I am very sensitive to people close to me

    2) I hate myself

    3)i have serious anger issues

    • You have some very nice 'good' qualities but never say you hate yourself! the first step to loving other people is to love yourself.

    • its easy to love other people while hating yourslef me myself I just live to make my girlfreind happy and after a while she sees and understands why I am the way I am and loves me for it to some degree

  • Don't have any good qualities

    Bad qualities:

    1. I'm a huge d***

    2. Stubborn

    3. Selfish

  • i nvr forgive(I hate this habit,but can't get ride of this habit)

    i can fake emotions very-well

    i m very short-tempered.

    good qualities:-

    i m very intelligent(m an engg student)

    i regular help out needy students wid their studies.

    i nvr betray

    • it used to be hard for me to forgive too! but I forgive more to free myself not so much saying that what the person did was okay. It's hard to bust this habit

  • Bad qualities:

    1. I often forget about my good qualities and pay a lot of attention to my bad qualities

    2. Slightly scatterbrained

    3. Many others!

  • 1. honest

    2. loyal

    3. respectful

    1. ugly

    2. unattractive

    3. did I mention, I'm not "hot"?

    • You hit the mark with honest, loyal and respectful. What every girl looks for.

    • even with all that, girls HAVE to be attracted to you, shameful fact

What Girls Said 3

  • 3 Bad things:

    1. Sometimes I'm desperate for attention

    2. I'm judgmental and outspoken.

    3. I get annoyed with people too easily.

    3 Good things:

    1) I can bounce back easily, and don't hold grudges.

    2) I'm happy-go-lucky

    3) Easy to be around.

  • Good:

    1. Open-minded

    2. Honest (to a fault). I also keep my promises, else I wouldn't promise it.

    3. Laid back/mellow


    1. Overly philosophical

    2. Stubborn

    3. Somewhat anti-social

    Boy, it is a LOT easier to name bad things as opposed to good.

  • Bad:

    1. I believe to much

    2. I talk to much

    3. I've got fangs ;)


    1. I'm always smiling

    2. I always happy

    3. I love making new friends