Why did 2 females downvote my answer?

i once wrote an answer on the question “Do adults check out teens”, and I explained that some people thought I looked like I was 20 when I was 13. And that some girls flirted with me, and that I did something with one once. And I got two downvotes from females.
I didn’t post it to brag I posted it to inform that if you look a certain age, and act older than your age, you are more than likely going to attract older women. Age isn’t a magical barrier.
Also when I said some girls flirted with me, I meant 2 or 3. But 2 of them didn’t know I was 13. And the other one, I told her I was 13 and she still proceeded, and then the cops came.
I just don’t know why they would downvote me for saying that. Are they assuming what I am saying isn’t true? It kind of pissed me off that they would downvote without even knowing me or what happened.
Why did 2 females downvote my answer?
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