Why is this affecting me so much?

I’ve just started a new job. For a while, I’ll admit I was one of those people who liked validation and needed compliments to believe it. I’m not really like that anymore because I know I’m pretty it’s just that I don’t know why other people don’t notice anymore. I used to get compliments all the time and told how pretty I was. Freshman year of college I would get hit on and to be fair my hair was always done and my skin looked a little better. Sophomore year after college I feel like I’ve lost my spark. I know I’m still pretty and I have a boyfriend who always tells me but I used to have girls left and right ask me to do their makeup. I don’t really get that anymore and I wear the same makeup. I went out the other day with my boyfriend and one of the girls called me a goddess but I think she was just trying to sell me something. I also work for this internship part time and my boss was looking for a skincare model and literally searched for other candidates and I had to go through them. I’ve been told I could model before too but in the past. Yesterday at work a group of high school girls came in and I asked them if they needed help finding anything and they didn’t hear me and afterwards they kind of whispered to each other and then as I was walking away I heard them giggling. Also when I was going to the register to check a couple of them out, I said excuse me to get past them and one of them was like “OH” and said it in a really loud and rude way. I know I’m pretty but why is this stuff happening. Is it all in my head?
Why is this affecting me so much?
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