Closeted bi girl sending me mixed signals?

Back in high school there was a girl a grade below me. I think she skipped a grade. She’s older by two months. We met while helping out the basketball coach out with something. She was on the basketball team and I was a cheerleader. The first time we noticed each other she helped me off a tractor and she asked another girl what my name was when I was nearby so I heard her. We had been going to school together for a year and I never noticed her. after that I always caught her staring at me. Even in places where it was crowded. I secretly liked it though. She’s stared at me in the cafeteria and hallway. We had mutual friends and once I was talking to one of them at my locker and the girl walked up. After school she would follow me into the lockerroom and put her stuff down even though her practice wasn’t for 2 hours. Once she saw me walking and stopped and went the other way Everytime I tried to talk to her first in the bathroom it would just be small talk. She also tried to cross me up in the hallway as a joke. Once someone brought donuts and she talked to me in the hallway and was like “why didn’t you tell me we could’ve split them” the staring was the biggest thing and would be all the time! She left the school and came back in fall for homecoming. I was in the crowd cheering and she stood on the side of the court and literally stared at me in a crowd of people with her mouth half open the whole time. My sister noticed. I couldn’t believe someone can be that bold. That winter she came back for a game and sat right next to me!! She just stared straight ahead and watched the game. I was thinking wtf That night of homecoming I went on her social media page and she made a post about five fingers for a reason and said her index finger is for picking someone out of a crowd. she came to my graduation and was in my line of sight but I don't know if she was looking. I’m saving my first time for her but what’s with all the weird signals. It’s been 3 years. Is it too late?
Closeted bi girl sending me mixed signals?
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