Girls, What do in this utter mess of a situation?

Hey GAG !

Needing any help in this mess of a situation, ok so what it is is I met this girl online September last year but we didn't talk really until January time properly and then something happened we instantly just clicked. We spoke day and night and I mean every minute we weren't working we spoke about everything. So we meet and we're shy but it's amazing, meet a few more times and she asks why I haven't kissed her so one night we meet and I stupidly wear just a jumper and yep it is torrential rain so I've shivering and i'm soaking wet. Went to kiss her in the rain but her dog pulled her away, She trusts me to meet her dogs who are basically her life. So we are driving back and I kiss her but it's bad cause I'm shivering with the rain :(

She then says she felt nothing and I agreed and felt the same :( so we decide to just take things slow. We talk for the next month like we did before but didn't meet. She then says things like "If I ever need a kid you'll help" And that she can't find anyone online as I raised the bar too high. I was going through such a hard time too and up all night I stupidly said I think I'm in love with you, to which she says she needs time. I am devastated by this, so stupid I know ! after just 5 months, she says has so much on her mind.

I then thinking i've lost her want to do something nice, I got her favourite singer to record a short message for her saying he hopes she's ok etc. And she hated it. No guy has ever gifted her anything, daft I know and I regret it I just thought she'd like it.. so she then says to leave her alone etc which I have done.

Some Insta account adds me too and starts asking questions about my love life and says she met me on a night out which is a lie, 14 mutual friends all girls they dont know. 2 hours later no mutual friends and 14 people unfollowed. Account is fake and deleted the next day. Coincidence?

So wtf do I do? any other girl I wouldn't be bothered but I really miss her, to me she was perfect.

Girls, What do in this utter mess of a situation?
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