Why are there ugly people?

I'm ugly. There are so many beautiful, kind, loving, smart women. I'm smart, funny, loving, kind... but I'm ugly. It's just so unfair because of course people prefer to associate with pretty people than ugly people. I'm ugly and I just don't know what to do. I know ugly people find love too and that "looks don't matter" and all that, but you know, all those are just things you say to make us feel better. I just don't see the point of our existence. I hate myself, I look so ugly and I took hideous pictures and I feel inferior, because I have nothing that makes me better than pretty people.

I feel so out of place and useless. So loveless... people make such a big fuss about looks anyway. Why do I even have to exist? I don't see the point. Like I said I'm smart and kind and all, but so are beautiful girls.
Why are there ugly people?
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