Why did one question get me blocked everywhere?

Confronted my ex about something, I broke things off two years ago. Recently found out by the next guy she dated ( he broke up with her too) that she was was trashing my name to everyone. I haven’t once talked about her or our things with no one, that’s why I sent her a text simple right? Nope! She blocked me on Instagram & my phone number. It’s crazy because she would be the first one to watch my Instagram stores after I added her due to no bad blood I’ve been physically & mentally working on myself & been really positive & social since the break up so I would think she would be getting better & working on herself, i think I might of thought wrong.. one question & boom blocked everywhere no explanation nothing.. Maybe she feels guilty? I don't know what do you guys & girls think. & I know I shouldn’t worry about it, but I also know that I wouldn’t affect her if she didn’t care
Why did one question get me blocked everywhere?
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