What is "normal" texting behavior first stages of dating?

I am a 24 y/o female, have gone on 3 dates w/a 28 y/o male. We met 3 weeks ago, and have gone on a date each weekend since. We initially met in a bar and hit it off big time, talked all night, and even made out a little (this doesn't happen too often for me). The very next day he texted to initiate a first date. We had that 4 days later and it was amazing. The 2nd date, he initiated as well... it was actually a special work event, so I got to dress up and be shown off a bit. The 3rd date I actually planned and initiated... which is NOT my style but I wanted to kind of try something new. This date went extremely well... and actually culminated in a LOT of sex. Not only that night, but all the next day. I was pretty much blown away, as I've never had such great sex w/someone so new...

Anyway, now what? He texted 2 days later about something silly, and I answered back jokingly. Neither of us tried to keep the convo going. Since then it's been radio silence. 4 days. We're both successful working professionals, so I don't normally text with anyone everyday anyway. I guess I'm just surprised that he's not trying to hangout or make plans for this weekend. I'm not a very needy girl so that's fine if it's the case... BUT...ofcourse I'm hoping this is all "normal" and he's not going to start acting diferently because of the sex.

I guess I'm just not sure what constitutes normaly texting behavior in early dating? I'm from the school of thought that I should probably let him lead the way. Any input is appreciated. Be brutally honest!
What is "normal" texting behavior first stages of dating?
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