Does it seem like women lack honor and integrity compared to men?

And if so, why? Like how many of you guys out there feel that sleeping around is dishonorable? Or getting hammered every weekend is straight up childish behavior? I see too many women getting hammered and having WAAAAAY more sex than the men they try to criticize. And there are a lot of women out there that are pro choice which shows they aren't willing to accept the consequences of sleeping around. Ladies DO NOT get this twisted I am not saying ALL WOMEN nor am I saying that there aren't deadbeat men. But what I am saying is that I feel men have to held to a different standard in society to be seen as noble. I've upheld my integrity and treated classless women the way I was raised to. But they don't respect it, they laugh or ignore me.

Note these women are NOT the women I would even dream of touching. But all through my life I've seen far, far more women acting like debased animals and children then men. I've hung around a lot of men that carried themselves with integrity. But the majority of women I met were the exact opposite and many would say they don't even care about honor, chivalry and all that. But then complain when a player uses them like a piece of garbage. Why do women demand respect when they don't show they can even respect themselves, their communities, their families, their neighbors? Saying Hi/Bye to people isn't being respectful by the way. Your actions are what prove your worth.

Last side note: I am NOT saying men are not without their faults, they have plenty. But the low class trash women are the ones speaking for women these days and ladies aren't putting them in check. There's a reason why so many men have lost respect for women. Ladies, please restore face because you ARE better than this and you know it's true. Lots of you out there with good hearts and good intentions, put those things into action and be an example to the young girls out there who lacked good role models. I DO NOT hate women, I want better for all!
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Does it seem like women lack honor and integrity compared to men?
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