What kind of person would you think of upon seeing or hearing these female names?

Tell us what kind of personality or appearance you imagine when you think of these names:

Jessica or Jennifer
Laura or Lauren
Megan or Meghan



Ashleys are the popular mean-girl bitches in school. Even Disney's Recess recognized this. Most Ashleys tend to be black-haired, but many have light hair, too.

Amandas are bratty young women, to me. Usually dark haired. Pretty and might be nice girlfriends at first, but slowly reveal themselves to be crazy. (Amanda Bynes, Amanda Seyfried.)

Christinas are usually medium-build blondes with pretty faces. Sometimes they have blue eyes. They're wolves in sheep's clothing who only seem sweet on the outside. (Christina Aguilera, Christina Applegate.)

Danielles are little brats and annoying bitches. Usually quite short and petite. Danielles are like the annoying little sisters who always get into trouble and think they're tougher than they really are. (Danielle Bregoli.)

Jessicas are the wild Texas party girls, while Jennifers tend to be their more responsible big sisters. They're usually brown-haired; sometimes blonde. (Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson)

Both Kellys and Tiffanys tend to be tall, stuck up, pretty, blonde Conservative women who are only attracted to and marry military men and Chads. This could be due to female FOX News anchors, although Megyn Kelly doesn't technically count. (Megyn Kelly, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump.)

Lauras tend to be introverted, freaky bookworm/nerdy girls, while Laurens are their single-mother big sisters. (Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls.)

Megans are always Basic Bitches. A generic name for a generic girl. Most Megans seem to be short or average-height pretty white girls in their twenties with dark hair. (Megan Fox.)

All W-named women are likely to be redheads with fiery personalities to me. (Wendy from "Wendy's", Wanda Maximoff, Wilma Flintstone, Whitney from Pokemon Gold & Silver, Willow from Buffy...)
What kind of person would you think of upon seeing or hearing these female names?
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