What do I do about my girlfriend?

Like i have been dating my girlfriend for 2 years, I always buy her things, I always show affection to her, She still does not know my birthday while i know hers, When i sit with her at lunch she talks to her friends and im just sitting there on my phone being awkward, Even if i do talk she just talks to someone else, She literally only talks to me if she wants something, Like "can you get me something from the vending machine" and giving me pout eyes, When i do she ignores me and goes talk to her friends, Im not even allowed to have female friends or she will flip her shit, But she is buddies with 2 dudes that are BOTH better looking then i am, I just feel like dumping her and quit dating all together, I never feel happy when i am near her, Like we can be in a class together, She will talk to everyone BUT ME, Its like girls just drain us for everything, In all 2 years of dating her, I have never felt happy, Its always one sided, Like on Friday, We have 3 classes together, But we had very few if any interaction, She would only talk to me if she needed/wanted something, But if i wanted to talk she would respond and go to her friends. I feel like if i dumped her she would tell everyone what a "Bad boyfriend" i am and her brother would kick my @ss, If im not at school i dont even think she notices or cares, So what do i do? i just feel like every girl will just date me for money and get rid of me when she finds a boy with a bigger di ck or wallet, My ex girlfriend cheated on me and dumped me then dumped that guy in a week , My ex ex girlfriend just "lost feelings" No matter what i do im never happy, every time i date a girl, She just uses me, I honestly feel like going MGTOW, But then i will be called a sexist and hated even more, What do i do? If i break up with her, Her brother will k ick my @ss and she will cry and say i was a "Bad boyfriend" then everyone else will hate me for breaking her heart.
What do I do about my girlfriend?
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