My cousin is dating an older guy and I feel like she’s not telling me the whole truth?

I have a cousin who is the same age as me and we grew up together our whole lives. She’s had a history of dating the wrong people and I just feel concerned about this new guy she’s with.

For a little background, we are both 23 y. o. females. I’ve been in a healthy relationship with my boyfriend (26 y. o.) for years. On the contrary, my cousin had been on and off with her ex (M, 23) since we were 18 and she blames it on him for not being a good partner and has baby momma drama with his ex. I’ve always gotten her back, telling her “men ain’t shit” and always told her to just leave the relationship because he’s on child support and she’s not ready to be a stepmom. The type of relationship she wants to be in is to enjoy her youth. But she kept coming back to her ex which I will never get.

They “officially” broke up in July 2020 but due to covid, she didn’t move out of her ex’s place until Nov. 2020 and that’s when her older guy friend comes in (M,37). She started being roommates with him, moved to another city to just live her life (as she should). In January 2021, she found out that her ex started dating someone new and she tried bothering him until he blocked her off of everything.

I’ve always been her crying shoulder but lately, all she posts/tweets about is how a family member is gonna be her biggest hater. Her parents have been nothing but supportive, she hid things from them about her relationships. She stopped confiding in me and I feel that she’s become even more insecure about my steady relationship with my boyfriend.

Now, she’s dating a divorced older guy and I feel like she’s only in that relationship for convenience and money. We’ve always joked about having sugar daddies but she’s taken it too far because of her materialism. How do I ask her if she’s sure about the guy she’s dating without hurting her feelings? Should I address her insecurity?
My cousin is dating an older guy and I feel like she’s not telling me the whole truth?
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