Why don't women approach or show interest in men?

Why is it that the women never show any romantic/sexual or any kind of interest in men from their own side and never approach men in anyway?
Is it that they don't really like men sexually or otherwise... or that they already have men approaching them and because of this they are scared of or less interested in men or what?
Because women generally have very less interest in men and don't really like men sexually/romantically
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Because women act cautiously and only choose men they trust who can take care of her and her future children
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Because they're at risk of unwanted pregnancy... although they're equally interested in sex and men
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Because they feel they're the better, beautiful, fairer and sexually superior gender
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Women don't do it because they're already flooded with intersted men ready to impress and act de them
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Something else
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Why don't women approach or show interest in men?
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