Why did he just stop talking to me?

i was friends with this guy for a really long time and he would always flirt with me, but I never thought anything of it. Then all of a sudden he texted me and he asked me if I wanted to start talking to see if we have something. So we start talking and everythings going fine and then a couple days later he just stops texting me. The last time I heard from him was the night before when he said he was going to bed. I texted him but he never answered. I'm a little confused because we were talking normally and I didn't say anything that would've upset him cause he was fine the night before. The only thing I can think of is he's good friends with a girl that doesn't like me and she always starts rumours about me and he hung out with her soon after we started talking.


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  • Was he initiating most of the contact? It could be that he's waiting for you to initiate contact with him as often as he has been initiating contact with you.

    Guys like reciprocation. That's what makes them feel liked. You could express all kinds of interest, but if you don't reciprocate, he'll have a hard time really believing it in his gut, that is, his gut will tell him you're not interested.

    Reciprocation doesn't mean just that you respond when he initiates contact. It also means that you initiate contact with the frequency that he does.

    • Yea he'd text me first most of the time but when he stopped texting me, I texted him the next day but he never answered..

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    • yea ill try that, thanks

    • you're welcome! hope things work out for you!

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