What does it mean when a guy does these certain stares?

Well, there is this guy I like. Our eyes meet a lot but I don't really believe in a meaning for it. But my sister and best friend tells me that he really does stare at at me a lot especially when I'm not looking and sometimes, he'd look away, as if "counting" or "knowing" when I'd look at him. Weird thing is, this guy who's my friend likes me and he came with me one time. When the guy I liked saw us, he looked from me to him and back to me and did the same thing again and again. And when I moved away, he stared at my friend very weirdly, head-to-toe. That was also the day he told my best friend that he was shy of me and he wouldn't do weird things because he also respects me. I have no idea what it means or what he thinks.


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  • he's shy if he dosn't talk to you or approach you and can only stare. be welcoming, smile back, acknowledge him and see if he opens up.


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