Why are so many women liberal?

If they had their way, get rid of the rich, get rid of the homeless, every person in the world would have just enough to get by.

Great, so now you've taken away the very Thing(s) that you like in men.


You NEVER hear a man go... Gee... I wish ALL women were ugly.

Sure not (all) men have ambition that's linked to money.

BUT ill wager that the 1% in that aren't, will eventually get bored.

And ill bet that the guy who has the ambition to build 10 foot castles out of toilet paper isn't very attractive.

Sure not ALL women are attracted to men who have money. But most of them are.


And Even more won't date a man with ZERO ambition.

SO don't you want a world full of men who have zero ambition?

Isn't that HOT!?


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  • Indoctrinated by feminism/socialism, they'll realize all too late they got more than they bargained for. I can hear it now..."Where have all the good men gone?!"...haha.

    • "If you're not a liberal by 20, you don't have a heart, if you're still a liberal at 30, you don't have a brain."

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    • While experience can be a source of evidence/information, there are many instances in which your personal, subjective experiences shouldn't carry as much as objective evidence.

      Using whether or not people's ideals become more conservative or more liberal as they age is a good example. Perhaps your personal experience is that people become more conservative as they age and that experience is based on yourself and the people immediately around you. But that doesn't mean that those people are

    • representative of the entire population. A well-carried out study that corrects for societal changes over time is going to give you a lot more information.

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  • God forbid society help the poor.

    And no one is getting rid of rich people; we're just expecting them to participate in creating a more humane and just society. Slippery slopes are illogical, so I suggest you hop off that train of thought.

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    • When a man takes a mans life its called homicide. When the government does it, its justice.

      When a man takes a mans money its called stealing. When the government does it, its called making him pay his fair share.

    • I have no problems with socialism and making rich people give me their money. the problem I have is with the results in which that creates in doing so. ITs all well and good if it works. The problem is, it doesn't. I think that stealing would be a good thing if it worked, but I think the reason why its wrong/immoral is because it doesn't work. THe end results to the society and humanity is why you shouldn't do it.

      Not because the government or god says you shouldn't but because it doesn't work.

  • I can't even look at this question without wanting to slap it.

  • It sounds good to me a world where money had no role,nothing wrong with having a world free from poverty.Money isn't love nor can it ever replace it. I will take simple,selfless,pure love any day over any amount of money.

    • Ok at least you're being honest.

      I respect you for at least admitting it.

      I also understand that you claim that you don't want a man with money, but what about ambition?

      What if he sits around and does nothing all day?

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    • I never demand money from anyone,I like treating my boyfriend out for a nice night out. my boyfriend does the same for me too.For richer or for poor,

    • well good for you.

      There aren't very many women like that. There are too many that are entitled to men making a crap load of money and paying every time. In fact, stuides have shown that a more a woman makes financially, the more the man has to make than her. They said that the man on average has to make around 3 times as much as the woman in order for them to be attracted to him.

      ( the ones that care about money that is.)

  • What?

    You contradicted yourself somewhere in here but there's too much stupidity for me to even find it...uh what?

    If we want the world to be a better place, wouldn't all men have ambition?

    Don't whine and bitch about women actually having standards

    • It has nothing to do with women's standards.

      It would be like a man who only wants to date thin women to be forced to eat cake every day all day long.

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  • So you're saying all Liberals are poor and have zero ambition?

    That's not biased at all.

    • I really don't know how you got that out of that.


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    • Do you know what a logical fallacy is? You probably don't. It's a nice read, really enlightening.

    • I believe you are unicorn with a head of Santa clause.

      I Also like making statements that are obviously false too.

  • What is money?

    Money is what makes a man act funny

    Money is the root of all evil

    Money'll make them same friends come back around

    swearing that they was always down

    What is life?

    I'm tired of life

    • "Money is what makes a man act funny"

      I think you mean, Money is what makes a woman laugh at a mans jokes.