Guys: what's the craziest thing a woman has ever done to you out of anger?

some people say some women are crazy, some say they're all crazy. some say everyone's crazy. well, I have come to believe (I'm 28) that we all have gone through at least one volatile relationship.

I want to know, what constitutes a woman as psycho.

I know there's tons of levels, so I'm not talking about super extreme stuff like murders or schizo type stuff. Just the everyday crap men tell their buddies what some crazy ex girlfriend did once.

After that, I want to know WHY she did it.. Did you cheat on her (in any way)? were you just a total player and just use her for sex but always leading her on and she finally snaps? or did you actually do absolutely nothing wrong, and she just (ex.) keyed your car for no reason...

Hehe, this subject interests me because I am trying to figure out if women REALLY ARE CRAZY...or its a side effect of being treated poorly?

bankcround info: my brother called him wife a crazy b***ch but he was the one abusing her and when she has had enough, she will get pretty angry and outlash. He seriously thinks it all her fault and doesn't see if he was just nice to her, she would probably be nice back.


a guy friedn is super nice, pays the bills, cleans and cooks. give his girlfriend money for whatever. but when she comes home she is just a straight b***h. nagging, complaining, ordering him around...

in my eyes the 2nd example is more a crazy b***h because she naturally just mean and weird. But the ex.1 girl is not crazy in general, but a abusive boyfriend drives her mad...

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Guys: what's the craziest thing a woman has ever done to you out of anger?
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