Do guys really have no feelings?

If you were going out with a girl for a few months and the relationship was going great, you had met both each others families and friends and always had a good laugh together and loved each other would you do this:

completely just cut off from her after one night out, not text her for a week, decide to not bother to tell you that he's not going to show up for a holiday together, she breaks it off and he says to meet up but he never shows when we do...

OK obviously you wouldn't do this, my question is do guys really have no feelings inside a all? whatever about the whole cheating thing, but to not show up for the break up after asking to meet, how can someone show so little respect! He never once showed me he didn't like me, it was one kiss that night out.

Do you guys give a flying sh*t about anyone other then yourselves ?

Thanks x

Do guys really have no feelings?
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