Why do some girls try to look good so hard: part 2


its easier to just post another Q than it is to comment on all those from the first Q so yeah.

to you girls that blame it on the media:

i say f*** that, its not the media's fault that you let it influence you, you are your own individual and if you were really a confident person, you wouldn't let the media influence you that way.

maybe when you were in high school it made sense, but you're adults now, you can't blame your problems on something else who is in reality, powerless on your looks.

to the girls that way they like to look good for them cause they feel good when they look good:

all I hear is denial; if you were truly confident in your-self, you wouldn't need to dress up. a beautiful girl looks good no matter what. just yesterday I saw a gorgeous girl in a T and sweats walking around like the happiest girl in the world. and I saw her just as I was reading the answers to the first Q, prefect timing.

to the girls who attacked me:

say what you want, all I hear is insecurity. just "i'm insecure" over and over.

to the girls that say guys do it too:

guys don't go to such extremes unless they're metros. and the guys that do try get no respect from me either anyway.

to the girls that say I will have a hard time finding a girl:

LOL, I'm having no difficulty at all!

to the girls who admit its a competition:

thank you for your honesty! but I suggest you try to overcome that need to be competitive.

to the girls who agree with me:

thank you too, you're all my kind of girls ; )

in conclusion:

i wasn't trying to offend or p*ss anyone off, I wasn't ranting. I was just asking a Q because of something I noticed, an observation which I can't remember now.

while I don't agree with your blaming of the media, I do hate the media just for trying to do what they do when it comes to beauty.

i hate fashion for making money off girls that could be spending what little money they have on purses and boots. I hate the modeling industry for making girls think they need to be beautiful to be loved and cared for.

i feel bad that so many girls are insecure about their looks. I've always said it doesn't matter what you look like, SOMEONE, will, find you attractive, and that's the person you need to worry about, not the others that don't.

i my-self dress comfortably, if its cold, I'll wear something to keep me warm and and comfortable. if its hot I'll wear one lose shirt or no shirt at all most of the time. I don't dress to impress or attract, if a girl thinks I'm cute, she's gonna think so no matter what I'm wearing. and I've had girl get the wrong impression of what type of guy I am, whom ended up getting to know me and liking me, sometimes in a romantic way.

i don't worry about my looks, I just make sure I don't look stupid in order to not attract unwanted attention cause I don't really like it when people stare.
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and to the girls who say you can't just roll out of bed and go:

i never said I expected anyone to do such a thing...-_-

so love me or hate me, I'm still gonna love my ninjaness ; )
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just so you all know, I'm not the one giving people -1's.
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to you girls that continue to attack me and say you just like to look good cause it makes you feel good, you're just proving my point even more so.

and to the rest, read a psychology book.

look up sigmnd frued.

but I guess I could be wrong, maybe its just a girl thing, either way, I'm tired of so many answers, so you can keep answering and commenting but don't expect any acknowledgment.
Why do some girls try to look good so hard: part 2
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