How come people tend to push the limits of others?

What I mean by the title is that we like to make ourselves feel higher and stronger then others.

For example : People like to push on the insecurities of others that they know for a fact are their sensitive points, but don't give a sh*t.

On race, religion, gender, body/physique, skills, looks, opinions,views,etc. Each one can be something sensitive to the next person but yet others know this but don't hesitate to keep putting pressure on those points.

Then those people resent each other and keep the cycle of problems,hatred,despair and sorrow flowing. Then those people can either commit suicide and/or do something like going to walmart with an Ak 47 and go on a killing spree as if they were in Grand theft auto.

Ever had a moment where someone pushed your buttons/limits?

If so share , and feel free to go anonymous.

State any opinion you may have, feel free to do so, just no flaming.
How come people tend to push the limits of others?
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