Whoa; I think she may like me, right?

Okay, so I've known this amazing Italian woman for about four months. In the beginning, everything was formal. She started to teach me Italian since I am moving there by myself in about a year.

But slowly but surely, she started to do little things: Giving me huge smiles, entrancing eye contact, 'accidentally' touching me by brushing her fingers against my hand real quick, spending more time with me than usual, telling me about her past and how she grew up.

This has gone on for about four months and I couldn't take it anymore; I liked her back and wanted to show it!

So the other day, I decided to let her know I liked her. So, I started to lay the charm on; I complimented her new hair style, then touched her on the arm quickly. And wow, this led to her touching me shoulders, arms, and hands various times, complimenting me over 5 times, and she spent an additional hour with me just talking to me about various things about her past, etc. She started to sit with her legs crossed, with her foot pointing to me. When we would both reach for something, our hands would touch (this happened so many times that day I can't count).

Finally, when we said bye to each other, she extended her hand to me (she has NEVER done this before, I guess it is because we were so physical that day). I took it and let my fingers slide off her's and I pulled away. Her smile said it all.

So, I set out that day to let her know I like her, and in return she gave me more signs than ever before to suggest she feels the same! Like I said, when I first met her, all she would do is smile at me a lot BUT NEVER TOUCH ME.

Does it appear like we're attracted? If I keep this physical flirting going, where will it lead?
Whoa; I think she may like me, right?
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