What makes some guys think that some girls are out of their league?

This always make me curious because sometime my old guys friend would say this to me and I wonder what exactly make a guy think a girl is out of his league. I guess it sort of make sense when a guy who is a mechanic said that lawyer woman is out of his league but is education really the reason?

I forgot to say the lawyer ended up marrying the mechanic (according to a book I was reading). I guess I just want to know what barriers people "think" when they meet someone or get to know someone.


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  • Some girls are very snobby, especially the very attractive ones. That's not always the case, but they often put up defense barriers against men because they get so much attention, even when they mistreat others. Honestly, at that point, most decent men will turn and walk away.

    Besides looks, the overwhelming majority of men really don't care that much about your profession or education. While those may be things that women value in men, we simply don't care that much. I don't date lawyers and other professional women not because they "scare" me, but because they often come on with a strong attitude problem of look at me, I'm a lawyer girl, I make blah blah blah money, etc.

    I've found that lot of professional and successful women are always fighting other men and women at work to get to the top. When a man wants to come home or have a girlfriend/wife, he doesn't want to fight. A lot of smart girls with education forget what attracts a man and it aint' a diploma.


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  • When it comes down to it, it's all about self-image: how you see other people relative to how you see yourself. If you perceive yourself as having low value, you naturally don't feel you deserve much, that you're unworthy of things of higher value. You don't think you have enough to offer to get or keep the interest of someone higher up on the scale or, in other words, they are "out of your league."

    • That was very interesting point.

  • What a preposterous thought.

    • You have to elaborate.

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    • That might be because the women who were "out of league" took some age too. The original question might lose some sense past the late 30s, but beforehand, I think there's something like this.

    • You are correct in a sense, but it all lies in our perception no matter what age.

  • looks, financial status, outgoingness etc.

  • because it is true, there are "Leagues"

  • Very hot chicks are basically mini celebrities. They're treated like mini royalty and have attitudes to match.


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