Girlfriend is busy and hasn't visited me since I fractured my leg over 3 weeks ago. What's that all about?

Been seeing a girl for 5 months. We’re both in our 20s. We were going to go to her hometown for a week in the New Year but the day before the flight I fractured my leg skiing and so I couldn’t go. It would have been the first time I met her family.

Since she’s been back she hasn’t come to visit me, and it’s been just over 3 weeks.

She promises to come and then cancels, coming up with some kind of excuse. Today it was that she had to suddenly go to work, last week she was out of town with friends for a photo shoot on Saturday (she has a hobby as a make-up artist which she really enjoys) and then on Sunday she suddenly found out she had an exam the next day, not a tutorial as she had thought. The week before she met her parents who happened to be in town.

She is genuinely busy – she works, is in her last year of university and does her make-up artist stuff. Also, she has had university exams of late, which finished last week. It’s nothing new her being busy. Workdays are inconvenient because I live 1.5 hrs from the center and she usually works till 9. However, she should find the time to see me, especially as I’m ill and immobile. We call, text, speak on Skype etc. but she hasn’t come over and there have been 3 weekends to do so.

I told her bluntly last week that I don’t need a girl who doesn’t come and see me when I’m ill and that her actions are unacceptable. She apologized etc. saying she’s been selfish and feels terrible for not visiting. Otherwise, I’ve been very patient with her.

Then today she cancels again, saying she has to go to work (as I mentioned earlier) at 7pm on a Sunday. Smells like utter poo to me, even it were true (which it probably is, her job is like that) couldn’t she have told them them she can’t work at such short notice? I have no reason to think she’s cheating on me. Last night we spoke on Skype for a good 40mins. The relationship had been easing going and we were taking it slowly but the month prior to my skiing accident it started to feel more serious, meeting each other’s friends, planning on meeting her family. That’s why I’m so perplexed and perturbed.

As I see it, she could be loosing interest or is uncaring. If this is the case fine but she should have the grace to tell me, and things will run their course to a natural end anyway. If she is genuinely busy, I should be understanding and supportive and not come across as needy. However, her behavior is unacceptable and I’ve already brought it up once.

So what would you do? Advice would be appreciated. What to say, how to act… Girls, are you often too busy to meet your man and can identify with her? Should I contunie to be 'understanding' or is it time I put my foot down?

Girlfriend is busy and hasn't visited me since I fractured my leg over 3 weeks ago. What's that all about?
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