I made a stupid mistake how can I fix it?

I met this beautiful girl in a dating website, and had feelings for her instantly. I have no idea how to describe this feeling but I just knew she was the one. So I Mailed her and we added each other on Facebook and chat for hours. After close to 4 hours of chatting , I made the worst mistake of my life, I told her I like her and had feelings for her. I really want to tell her that but not so fast as it may creep her out... After a while she replied and said that she does not really know me yet plus we live so far apart and said she was sorry and that we could continue chatting like normal... After that I told her how I really feel and that I would not mind moving just to be with her and I will wait hoping one day she will say yes. And I asked her if we could still be friends? She said yeah and said that what I told her was really moving... At the end I told her that I'm really gonna miss her and that she is worth the wait even if it takes years...then I wished her good night and said bye... I really don't want to screw this up... There was just something about her, I will be waiting for her to reply every single messages with my heart beating so fast and my whole body just shivering that was how nervous I was... I Really Like Her , And would not in a million years do anything to hurt her, I just want to make her the luckiest girl ever. I'm just feeling so stupid and useless now... I really need some help on how to fix this mess.. Thanks guys! : (

Hey Guys... Guess What I apologized for coming in too hard and stuff and she said she was cool with it... Were chatting now , but its very cold, how can I get her to open up?


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  • Okay look,

    Its nice that you have feelings for this girl and wanto to be with her,but your moving WAY to fast.

    Calm down and chill,here are the things you need to do befor trying again,your just gonna confuse her,and that will because future problums,trust me I know.

    1.Know her better.

    2.MEET HER.


    4.DO the were just real good friends thing.

    And if you want her to like you,become a really good friend , a VERY good friend.BUT JUST A GOOD FRIEND FOR NOW.

    Hope This Helps,


    • Thank You! I really hope it works out.. : (

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  • awwwwww that's so cute...sorry I'm a girl its something that comes instantly...but back to your problem...you say you really care about her and you already told her all you have to do is get to know her talk to her and be yourself and her its not stupid that you said that its adorable and sweet that you care she might be shy and not show it right away just stick to flirting and chatting and eventually she will show you her true feelings :)

    • Thank you so much, I'm just hoping that things will work out. This happened yesterday should I talk to her today?

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    • I wouldn't talk to her today unless she starts the conversation. Give her sometime and a little space. Dating on line is scarry. If you don't hear from her in a few days send her a short message telling her your sorry for comming off so strong and then leave it at that. Either she will respond or she wont.

    • Alright! Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

  • sorry, but you kind of already stepped in a zone where you shouldn't have. you need to ask her if you guys can start over, but for girls they don't like a guy moving so fast and that's what you did. if she's willing to give you the chance and think past that, then obviously she sees potential, you sound sweet, just kind of in a rush... so heads up next time, no matter how bad it kills you, wait for time to past when you know for sure that she likes you, you're her bf..

    • Thank you! I'm just hoping that we still can talk.

  • K, you did come on too strong and may have freaked her out. If I were you I would back off for a while. Maybe let a week go by (even if she contacts you ) and then contact her but be more relaxed. Be open and communicative but don't talk about any feelings. Keep it short when you first start communicating with her. Be playful and flirt a little but keep it light for a few weeks. This should rebalance your mistake. Then start opening up and talking to her but still don't come on to strong. You'll know when she starts being interested again.

    • That's gonna be really hard on me... I can't even get her outta my mind for a sec not that I want too ..

      But guess she's worth everything ... I will take your advice and see how it goes... So you mean , eventhough she says something I should not reply until a week. I'm afraid she might think I'm pissed or something... Thanks!

  • You should be careful. On-line romances can be a scary! She could be married as well. People are not always honest. Just don't want to crush your feelings, so tread carefully here. Putting your heart out there too soon could really be painful. Long distance romances are not always the one for us as well. It is difficult enough having a romance with anyone as it is. Do not make it more difficult by rushing it. If it is meant to be it will develop in time.

  • um, tbh, I think you should give it up, you sound super committed, which is really great!, but for her, its kind of like, "ohkay..." I think you should move on and totally let someone who cares about you have that chance. their are so many more women in the world than just her, so I think its time for you to GOOO FISHING! :)


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  • glamphotog pretty much summed it up. but I'd also like to add that I know you think you had feelings for her, but you would never actually know until you met her in person. And that is something that probably wouldn't have ever worked out even if you had never said that.

    You can't fix anything. This isn't a naturally way to meet someone. Learn from your mistake and meet a new girl! you'll find one quick and forget about this one

  • "...and had feelings for her instantly. I have no idea how to describe this feeling but I just knew she was the one"

    I stopped reading right there. My friend, BIG mistake. Huge.

    She saw the giant red flags and she started running away. If you chase her, she's going to run even faster away from you.

    The only chance you have with her is if she stops running and takes a step back towards you. However, there is nothing you can say or do to fix this except for giving her space and time. If she likes you enough, she'll reach out to you. Chances are slim though.

    Let it go.

    • Thanks man. Should I continue talking to her?

    • If she initiates the conversation, yes.

      If she doesn't, no.

    • Alright man , its gonna be really hard for me but I really hopes she talks to me.. Thank you so much for your advice.