Why do so many girls feel that guys that take an interest in them are stalkers?

It can be anything, even here on GAG. I saw a question about what "followers" on here are and girls were making comments about them being stalkers. Seriously? So someone likes your answers and sees them as being helpful? Maybe they feel like you could offer them good advice, and you unfairly label them as creeps or stalkers? It's pretty ridiculously stupid actually.

And it real life, it seems like whenever a girl realizes that you're really into her, like your feelings are true, she automatically jumps to the conclusion that you must be stalking her. True story actually. I've been through that and I was like "are you kidding me?!" It really hurt. I'm aware that that's really weird and creepy and would never do such a thing. And it was like right there my hopes and dreams were shattered all because she wasn't used to a guy being liking her the way I did. I miss her after all this time. I wish she wasn't such a b**** to me.

Girls really need to get over themselves and on here especially. You're on the internet. Nobody knows who you are and doesn't care to know either. And just because someone might really like you in real life, doesn't mean they're sitting in your bushes at night trying to catch a glimpse of you in your underpants. It's actually pretty sad that so many girls are like this and they usually call the best and nicest guys creepy or something like that and continue to date the biggest pigs and idiots around, the real creeps.

Get your heads together ladies, I speak for all good men out there when I say that we're tired of it.
Why do so many girls feel that guys that take an interest in them are stalkers?
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