What do girls "REALLY" want in a guy?

ok I'm 20 and I Haven't even ever had a girlfriend before and I honestly can't figure out what girls want. I'm not socially awkward, I'm a big people person but girls just don't seem to like me for some reason. I'm somewhat of a nice guy with a sarcastic attitude sometimes, I don't think I'm too nice but I could be wrong. I'm not bad looking, dress well, I have goals in life and care about my education. I respect women, great sense of humor, confident, determined, spontanious, not shy, and I can be very romantic. I don't think I'm too nice either, I'm called an a**hole almost on a daily basis but everyone that knows me knows that I have a heart. But I always get friend zoned or the girl just has no interest in me at all. I feel like I have everything or almost everything that a girl could want in a guy but I guess not... so please ladies, WHAT DO GIRLS REALLY WANT IN A GUY?

What do girls "REALLY" want in a guy?
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