My girlfriend treats me badly. (3 year relationship) What should I do?

I'm 18 years old and I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend ( also 18) for around 3 years now. The problem is that it feels as though I've spent all of that time just Putting up with stuff that I really shouldn't have to. She makes a scene practically every time we go out in public as a couple with friends, almost as if it's an attempt to make me look bad. She tries to make me feel guilty for going out with my friends without inviting her but wouldn't hesitate to drop any plans she had with me In order to go out with her own friends.

I've tried to have serious conversations with her about this and she'll find a way to turn it all back onto me. Another major issue is other girls. I go to an all girls school with a mixed sixth form which my girlfriend also attends. We take different subjects however and obviously the majority of my peers are female. The problem is I'm just simply not allowed to talk to them in her eyes which is rediculous and the cause of many argument Especially considering that my classes consist of around 2 other males at best. The most rediculous case was recently when afemale friend hugged me as I was leaving a party and I've been forbidden to talk to her now. I lost a vey good female friend in order to keep my girfriend happy which haunts me a lot to be honest.

My grades have suffered too procrastinating about my relationship is the sole cause for my grades slipping. A few of the girls in my school told me they thought my girlfriend doesn't treat me great (few being friends of hers) but I do love her. I understand it's possible that she's insecure but it's really hard to put up with it. I've tried very hard to make our relationship better but it only ever has small stages of happiness followed by misery which she'll blame on various events. As for the time period this has been occurring its probably been the majority of the relationship.

I really need some advice on what to do as this constant worry has started to affect many parts of my life. ( I apologize in advance for spelling and grammar as I wrote this on abbus on my phone)
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Thanks for all your advice, it's upsetting to hear but I know it's true really.
My girlfriend treats me badly. (3 year relationship) What should I do?
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