List 10 signs or reasons He/She is a total Psycho..?

Give me 10 signs why you think your Girlfriend or boyfriend or ex is a psycho. 10 reasons would be great.


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  • 1. Wanting to contact you every single day.

    2. Wanting to know every shred of your personal business.

    3. Calling you a p**** if you complain while you've cared and listened to them.

    4. Lying when the truth is right in front of you.

    5. Bending reality and placing the blame on you when she's guilty of whatever it is.

    6. Lots of yelling and implying she'd like to engage in a physical fight.

    7. You notice her friends don't like you and talk sh*t because she talks sh*t about you.

    8. Ignoring you and/or throwing you to curb, but becomes angry when you don't come back.

    9. If you do try to go back, she's annoyed you're there.

    10. Implying she wants you to die or outright tells you that.

    • Hahaha yeah that seems like a psycho to most of us..

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  • Not sure if I can come up with 10 but let me list as many as I can about my ex's.

    1. Bitching on a daily basis about how I don't text them enough

    2. Calling me at 7am when I'm getting ready for work just to talk

    3. Attempting to raise and care for a 5 year old child that isn't yours

    4. playing games like telling me something is OK and when I take you up on it, you say it was a test.

    5. F***ing some guy in the house of another guy you are seeing while he's out of town.

    6. Switching between loving me and wanting to break up on a daily basis

    7. Getting mad at me for lack of communication for inviting you to my friends party and refusing to go, then getting mad because I went and forgot that I told you I was going.

    8. Blaming herself for the death of a parent (who died from cancer).

    9. Quitting her job and asking for it back twice in one month.

    10. Buying me a $100 dollar gift only a week into dating.

    Yeah, I've met some f***ed up chicks. Some how they always seem to be cool as hell when I first meet them and then all of a sudden the psychopath emerges a few weeks later.

    • Oh my god, I chuckled at some of them.. I thought it was just me that had gotten such a big helping of crazy (1,2,4, other stuff)

      Sorry man, gl in future.

    • Hahaha yea some of these screams PSYCHO

  • They are a compulsive liar, they don't like any of your friends, they never trust you, they have no financial committment towards the relationship, they refuse to treat you importantly, they use aggression as a argument solver, are always edgy, don't praise your talents to others, won't support you in your efforts, and has no interest in you as a whole, and everyone has a conspiracy theary against them. but there's more.

  • it's just 8, but this link ^-^

  • walking like she's spaced out..


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  • -trolling on your pics on Facebook

    -pushing himself on you on the first date

    -bitching about your friends

    -bitching at your parents

    -changing his status to Single and not giving a damn good reason why

    -having over 9000 girl friends on Facebook

    -kissing you when he knows he has a cold/flu and giving it to you

    -NOT taking care of you after he gave you said cold

    -not excepting your kiss when in public

    -not celebrating your birthday after he asks you to help spend the entire day watching his 6 wild nieces and nephews

    -DITCHING you while you watch his 6 f***ing wild ass nieces and nephews

    -blaming you after dumping his stupid ass and saying that you used him

    F***ing prick.

  • i just have a boyfriend I don't have any EXs

    but I may just list you somethings that I would really bissed off about ..

    Being careless like it 's okay to stay without talking for 3 days

    Being nervous about everything I would do like the whole world 's about him and iam the jerky thing that cares about nothing ...

    cheating ><

    Saying it 's okay when it 's not ..

    Being such an obtrusive ..

    Thinking that he 's the leader of the relationship and iam the follower without a mind ..

    Disrespecting me in front of my friends , his friends , his family ... etc

    shutting down the phone for too long without I even know if he 's okay ..

    pretending that iam making up a fight when I actually have all the right to make a fight ..

    okay these 're ten but I have more if you won't have a headache reading all that ;)

    • these were nine sorry :D

      i may add .. Being such a teaser ><

  • laughs hysterically at everything.

    think he's the best thing since mac and cheese

    talks bad about my friends

    always makes crude jokes

    thinks the world is against him

  • Cheating,

    Extremely desperate,

    Shows you off too much,

    Blames me for checking out other men (when all I am really doing is looking around),

    Always moan about how bad his life was and would do nothing about it,

    forcing me to tell him 'I love you' just to make him happy,

    buying me the tackiest lingerie,

    really forceful kissing,

    he would check my texts constantly but sneakily,

    repeatedly says without you my life is a non romantic way