Can someone hate someone else for no reason?

guys hate me for no reason the fact I exist and alive

a lot of them forget my name and make things up about me

lie to my face.make like less then nothing for no real apparent reason they hate which complete mystery to me .

pick on me tell me how worthless and other girls are worth far more then me then I ever will be how much loser I am .how much waste effort I am.other girls are better then me .

some pretty hurtful things

"any woman in the room but you"

"don't get me wrong I like women just not you"

they very good on the word I am the one who loses out not them I am hurt party they one who gain all female attention

i am the one who ends alone for good how is that fair when I am hurt party I don't get that I really it like being reward for being jerks to me .

its like god pats them on back well done she no good any way find better then one this loser that's me

what worse they do they find new girls despite how much they damage me and self esteem.I END UP ALONE WITH NO NEW GUY NOT EVEN ONE NEW GUY THEY END UP DOZEN HOW HELL IS THAT FAIR .

why are they reward for being pricks like insults they give me they telling me they hate me how worth less I am .no better then dirt off there shoes call me jerk.old woman and cougar tell me how much other girls are worth they weight in gold I am not worth spitting on

i do nothing to them to bring this violent burst of verbal abuse and pure hated from there mouth . then laugh about later and smile I get forgotten about even I fight back I still lose I am such loser they such winners. believe me after what said they have new bunch of girls as friends I end old and alone as my reward

i don't understand the bad guys are suppose to loser I am suppose end up the winner because I am hurt party


that make no sense none at all why am i loser in this I am the wronged I don't get logical at all I don't get it makes no sense
+1 y
they will always win they have won .some of them are good looking every girl interested in them

no one give me the my age will always be alone they will always have some .people will always bother with never ever I have learned one these seem to be right by the universe law I am in the wrong and loser they are in the right .i will always be loser always loser may be its just the way it is for me.bullies always win victims like have keep suffering no matter how years pass they alwayswin
Can someone hate someone else for no reason?
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