What does this really mean? Do I still have a chance or should I move on?

So I have a pretty interesting situation on my hands. I recently confessed that to a female friend of mine that I was interested in dating her. Her initial response was relatively positive. She said she found me attractive, that we did get along well, and that some of her friends mentioned we would make a good couple. I left the conversation at that because I didn't really want to pressure her.

The next day, I left to go out of town for 2 weeks but she didn't waste any time contacting me (even sending me a text as soon as I got off the plane). Since I told her I couldn't text or call internationally she even used email and FB to chat with me. Almost every time I was on FB she would start up a chat.

As soon as I got home however, I found her to be rather distant (contrary to what I was expecting). After about a week I confronted her about it because I simply wanted to know what she was thinking about our previous conversation. After all, if she wasn't interested, I wanted to know so I could move on.

She told me that she just didn't know what she wanted to do and she wasn't sure that she wanted a boyfriend at the moment since she had lots of things on her plate (which she does). She also revealed to me that one of our other friends also likes her and that he has apparently been displaying jealous behavior towards her. So out of the sake of avoiding drama she didn't want to "pick anyone" and then have people fighting. I assured her this wouldn't really happen amongst men but I do understand her dilemma. (He's also leaving for the military in 4 months so she might be waiting for him to leave.) Finally, she told me that she had been planning a vacation that would involve her visiting and staying with an ex boyfriend from a few years ago who she is still friendly with even though he lives in another state. He offered to give her a place to stay and free tours to save her money (which is part of the reason she chose this trip). She's said many times that dating him again isn't likely but she didn't know what would happen on her trip and didn't want to have a boyfriend while visiting an ex and have things happen. Again, I found this understandable.

It started to sound like excuses for a moment so I reiterated that if she only saw me as a friend to just tell me, and that it wasn't a big deal, but she insisted that wasn't exactly the case that she just didn't know what might happen in the future or what she wanted to do. I let her know I would just give her space.

So basically I'm still a little on the fence about whether or not I have a chance with this girl or if I should just move on. I realize that if anything does happen it probably won't be until my friend leaves for the military at the earliest. So should I continue to flirt with her, or just leave her alone? Should I even keep perusing her or should I just move on? What do you guys think this all means?

What does this really mean? Do I still have a chance or should I move on?
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