She says I scare her...?!

So let's start from the beginning...:

Its corny, but true; the first time I saw her, I liked her. But I also saw she had a boyfriend, so I didn't pursue. So over the years, I flirted with others. Let's say it didn't go so well. I made a GRAVE mistake with my first ever girlfriend and I swore never to do that again to someone as long as I live.

While I was performing in the choir for another class graduation, I overheard my original crush's cousin say that they broke up. Just the thought of her being available brightened my mood and took my mind off the break-up with my ex. So, since her cousin and I were attending summer school after that, I told her about my feelings for her. She said we'd be perfect together, and totally supported me.

Anyways, With my exes, (yes, plural; it's part of the fatal mistake I mentioned earlier. Get it?) I could talk and flirt and have conversations as if it was second nature. But she's different. Until just recently, I had cold feet just to approach her, let alone talk to her. But in my senior year, one of my friends who also knew about my feelings went and told her directly immediately after I told her. Her intentions were good, but It put me in a real bind, since she now knew.

so throughout the second half of my senior year, I tried to gather the courage to talk to her, even succeeding a few times, even though I was babbling like an idiot, heh. when she saw that, she mentioned something about it being cute and gave me her first genuine hug (that involved me, of course) The thing is, we knew each other (somewhat) before, and she had no issues with me. After she found out, though, she's been quieter around me, even acting nervous at times.

I've given her a gift, both in a failed attempt to ask her to prom (I chickened out) and on her birthday. They were an anime plush doll(she likes anime), and a victorian style choker necklace(she's a little into the gothic scene). She was surprised on both occasions, and showed her thanks. (She acted like she was blushing, though there were no red cheeks...?)

Just recently, I planned to take her on a couple group trips to the beach, so they wouldn't feel like dates. They got canceled last minute. So now, I invited her to go hiking to a waterfall, which is more convenient. She at first said she was okay with it as long as her cousin goes. So I said OK and invited some friends to even it out. but now, this happened:

Her: "I don't know really"

Me: "What's holding you back?"

"I'm easily creeped out"

"By new people? These guys aren't so bad"

"I mean you kinda scare me"

"Well, that stung a little. I don't really know what to say other than, 'You don't have to be. In time, you'll see that I'm just a regular guy.' Okay, 'regular' may be an exaggeration, but you get my point"

"Yeah I'm sorry I don't mean it in a mean way"

...So yeah, what the HECK is going on? It's been 4 years since I first saw her. I don't want to lose her, but I want to know what I'm up against. I need help, badly.
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Just to add, She's a REALLY nice girl. She's not the kind of person to just speak her mind. I'm just worried, is all.
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Just asked her if she still wants to go hiking, and now she says she's not sure the people she's staying with will let her go...?
She says I scare her...?!
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