Boyfriend lied about going to a party?

Majority of these my boyfriend lied letters explains how perfect their boyfriends are first, then proceed to explain his lie in helpless and yet total defense of him.

Here is my issues, I'm not stupid. But, I do have a gut feeling I have been lied to.. maybe I'm just looking for some conformation in my gut feeling?

I slept over my boyfriends house the other night & I was told the next day his friend was throwing a Halloween party & I was told " I'm not going to go if its not with you " That day, he told me he is picking up his daughter.. so he is not going .. hours later followed by, I'm not sure if I'm picking up my daughter because of the weather. So I told him, call her mother and find out so I know if I'm staying with you tonight or not... he walks into the bathroom, calls her but I can hear the phone went to voice mail both times. He comes out and says he is picking her up at 5. Instantly, I got a gut feeling and told him.. it seems like your full of it. Within minutes, his daughters mother called but he refused to answer the call. He said she "texted me to get her at 5" when he dropped me off home he swore he was picking her up and then promised if something happened where he wasn't picking her up he would come back to get me. 4pm ... close to 10 pm I call him he doesnt answer, calls back around 10 and holds a 2 min phone conversation explaining that he put his daughter to bed was taking a shower and will call me back. Never called back. I went to sleep but woke up with this gut feeling once again. I don't know what made me look @ his friends instagram that I don't know, but I saw a picture at the club where he was supposed to go with his friend and a guy with an Obama costume pointing at the camera & holding a cup. I can't see his face & this is not paranoia talking. I know, in my GUT that; that was my boyfriend. Plus, on the car ride home he said " wouldn't it be sick to get a Obama mask and wear a suite " Just like the guy in the picture. its 7pm, Haven't heard from him since last night, before he didn't call me back. Why would someone lie to that extent? OH and to add to it the night before he told me he loved me for the first time. What the f***.

im not hurt, I'm not crying, it was expected.. my gut told me so. But, does anyone have an answer as to why a guy would do something like this.. keep me as his girlfriend, get close to my daughter and then flat out lie, for no reason I have NO issues with him partying.


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  • There is a reason he has an ex. He is a weak man, plain and simple. I know people like him, lie when there is no reason to lie. I can tell you another thing about him, he is also a thief. Somehow he is manipulating you and at the moment you can not see it.

    I have men who work for me from time to time I will treat at a strip bar. The guys with girlfriends all seem to be similar, they swear they love their girlfriends but after alcohol and women the story changes. If a man will cheat and lie about his girlfriend he will have no problem stealing form me.

    In the story you reported how many lies did he tell? He may only be good as a tool. You will be fine, Good luck.


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