Girls: Has a shy guy ever made you shy?

I'ma shy guy and on quite a few occasions lately girls have told me that I make them shy. Either if we are in the same place as each other and we are looking at each other, or I'm talking to them face-to-face or I'm just simply talking to them on the phone. In all these situations girls have told me that they become shy once there was any sort of interaction going on (looking at each other or speaking to one another). I'm just thinking how the hell could I possibly make a girl shy? I'm one of the shyest guys around when it comes to girls. How is it possible for girls to become shy around a guy like me? Some of these girls are really confident too.


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  • This is just one possibility, but the first thing that came to mind is how, when someone is shy, it's usually less clear as to whether they like you or not. I become shy if I like someone but I'm completely clueless about how they feel about me. I also become quieter and more timid if the conversation isn't really upbeat and I feel pressured to say something, so embracing laidback silence is often key.


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