Does this quiet/shy girl like me or what? Mixed messages.

I go to karate class with this really nice woman. She's a quiet, intelligent type of woman but still chatty and friendly. I'm quite shy myself and feel quite comfortable with her.

I have a bit of a crush on her and am struggling to work out what is going on with her. At yesterday's class she was a little flirty (nothing OTT, just a few smiles and a little touching). I took her lead and did the same kind of things and all seemed well.

Tonight she wasn't the same. She was still pleasant enough but the flirting was gone. We talked okay until other people turned up and then she seemed more interested in everybody other than me.

Where do I go from here? Is she interested?


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  • I would give that some more time to make a move. She might feel you misconstrued her friendliness and backed off. Be friendly but not over eager until you get a stronger vibe.


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