I feel like I don't satisfy my boyfriend?

I'm attracted to him mostly because of his loving personality, particularly his sense of humor. Both him and his friends tell me that he's never been with anyone as pretty as me but lately, I've been having my already low self esteem crushed more by him. It's not a question of lack of chemistry either, we make each other laugh until we cry, but..

1. we're currently long distance and when he goes out clubbing, he ends up telling me about these girls who were buying him drinks or whatever. I know he wouldn't cheat but it still hurts.

2. recently while trying to find some flight information I see in his history that he creeps on a lot of girls Facebook profiles, like 20-30 pics a girl, sometimes he'd check the girl the next day again. What's weird though, is the ones that I could stomach to look into were not exactly good looking, I hate saying that because it sounds really mean, I'm sure they are lovely girls.

3. He constantly stares at other women, like when I'm right beside him.

4. I'm lucky to be blessed with a large chest but trim figure, which many people compliment me for. I expressed my disappointment that one of my favorite skirts has gotten too big the other day and he was like "why? because you're getting a hot body?" Aha, so he obviously doesn't think it's so hot right now, despite the fact that he's been rapidly putting on weight over the last few months.

5. He has been having problems keeping it up during sex. This hurts me so bad and every time it's me who ends up comforting him.

I just don't know what to do, or where to even begin, like it's emotionally draining.


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  • I have a feeling that because (by what you wrote) you are technically out of his league he is trying to make you jealous so that he can feel how much you want him. By staring at girls while you are there with him he is trying to show you that even though he doesn't have the same level of attractiveness he is also with you by choice, that there are other options and he wants you to see that. Chances are he has more self-esteem issues than you do. Also, because it's long distance he's probably really lonely. And when a person misses another person too much it puts strain on them emotionally and they become sort of bitter towards their s/o. The reason he can't get it up could be that he feels you are not attracted to him in the same way he is attracted to you.

    Sometimes in relationships where a person is significantly better looking than the other, these issues can arise. Insecurity gets the best of us sometimes.

    Chances are his feelings for you have not, he is just insecure with his own self that he makes excuses for you to be jealous, thus showing how much interest you have in him.

    Its a game. Even though it's easier said than done, I'd move on. You deserve better.

    (Could be all wrong. This is just an opinion.)


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  • It sounds to me like you both have chronically low self esteem. Some of what you describe is normal, some of it isn't.

    Men will always look at other women, and women will always feel insecure about their bodies.

    I can assure you that no matter how much it hurts you when he can't get /keep an erection, it hurts him much, much more. The real question is whether his impotence is a symptom if the problems you are having or the cause of them,

  • girl you have too much stuff here for a short response. message if you want. easier that way.


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