Can a women be that shy?

She was always awkward and shy around me from the start,but only just me...gave me the smiles,eye contact,got close,pass by,other times would hardly see her,i was always the first to say hi to her,she would always walk by and just smile if I didn't say anything.she was always noticing looking when she thought I wasnt,seemed extremeley into me which pulled my attention

when I noticed how interested she was,I tried talking to her always ended up small convos ,i eventually tried getting her number she wouldn't even look at me and was very nervous,she wanted me to write mine down and she told me where to leave it since she didn't have her phone on her,i told her its cool I just thought you were interested,and she ran off without saying anything,i was surprised I got rejected,but what could she of been interested about?


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  • Yes a women can be that shy...I think you scared her away not intentionally but saying, I thought you were interested instantly makes her shy and wants to hide although she might like you but she doesn't want to be confronted in person. Shy girls don't have the nerve to pursue a guy and ask him out and you actually hit her highest level of shyness by pointing her out.

    • She seemed to really like me,i guess if she really did she would eventually stop being shy and contact me,but I never dealt with someone so shy,and I don't plan on it again,i didn't start having interest in her till I started noticing her interest towards me

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  • Yes

    There is extreme shyness.

    • first time encountering someone as shy as her,its too late by now I thought it was something else other than being into me dating wise

    • Did you ask this question before and the girl ran away from you?

    • nah I went up to her from behind and she never turned around and I started talking to her asked if she was doing anything over weekend/if she was seeing anyone..said she would have to see

      then I asked for number and she told me to leave mine..then when I said its cool I just thought you were interested in me..she didn't say anything and dashed away..when I saw her face afterward she looked like she was thinking hard/shocked

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  • Sounds like she was trying to get out of the situation, sorry.

    If she was really interested, she wouldn't have hesitated to give you her number.

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