Why does he call so much?

My guy friend calls me three or four sometimes five times a day. He says it's because he wants to check on me to make sure I'm fine. But, nothing is wrong most of the time. Also he changes his reasons for calling,saying that he just wants to talk or hear my "pleasant "voice. I enjoy talking with him mostly but I must admit that I am beginning to become annoyed with the amount of calls. Could possibly have a crush on me?


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  • He likes you.

    You need to explain to him, that if he is trying to get with you, that he needs to chill with the amount of calls. Its becoming too much. Just let the natural forces of the universe take over, and if its meant to be, ull call him as well. Now just remeber if you say this, you could also be losing a friend...

    Hes clearly into you.. Are you into him? is the question..

    • Thanks for your answer. I agree about relaxing and letting the universe take over. I'm the kind of person who likes to take scenic route to a new relationship making all the stops along way. I guess I'll just have to let him know this in a gentle way. And,to answer your question yes, I like him and see possibilities to a growing friendship maybe a non-platonic relationship but, I won't be rushed into anything just because he's eager to start a relationship so soon.

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  • He says that he just calls because wants to hear your pleasant voice, and calls three to five times a day, and you still have to ask if he has a crush on you? Isn't it obvious? Anyway, yeah, he likely has a crush on you, at bare minimum. Personally I think he's obsessed with you. I think you should ask him to just come out with it, but at the same time, I also totally get why you're annoyed. So when you do talk to him, tell him to calm the fuck down, and cool it a little, by calling less. A LOT less.

    This is not something that will fix itself. You need to just come out with it and say it. It may be harsh, it may seem mean, but it needs to be done.

  • He definitely likes you. But calling that often can be a sign of someone who is controlling or manipulative, so watch out for that. The other possibility is that he believes you want him to call that often. If you do, then you may have a controlling or manipulative side, which you should put into check. If you don't, then you should tell him. Honesty is crucial to a successful relationship. Once a day is normal, twice is fine too. Three times is OK if there is something going on that warrants an increase in calls (like coordination for plans, your team won, you are having a hard time, he can't cook the dish you told him how to make, his mom dies, etc.). Four times is crossing to manipulative and maybe creepy unless there is an emergency or again, something big is going on. Five times...yikes.

  • duh.. obviously. Three or four times are too much though..


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