What is the ideal girl?

Include, body, personality, hobbies, language, and how they are with friends and how they are with you


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  • I should keep my list so I can copy and paste it into these questions. No matter, I'll do my best to give you some traits I look for in a girl. I'll try to include ones that pertain to the things you listed as well.

    1. Should be healthy and in shape, doesn't need to have a bikini model body, but should be relatively close, obvious excess fat and being clearly out of shape is not a turn on. These women link are all what I would consider average and healthy women. This is my opinion though, different guys like different body types.

    2. Healthy lifestyle. Nobody is perfect, but if you drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney, never attempt any form of athletic activity, and eat cheeseburgers every day, its a turn off. Make an attempt to be healthy.

    3. Shares similar morals and values. If I'm very conservative and old fashioned, and you are extremely liberal and progressive, chances are we aren't going to get along. Especially if we're going to consider getting married and having kids.

    4. Similar lifestyle. If you are and outdoorsy person and I'm a city dweller, or your an athletic socialite and I'm an introverted nerd, chances are we aren't going to get along. We should have similar personalities in this regard.

    5. Shared hobbies are a great, but not required. An acceptance and support of my hobbies are the only requirement for me. i.e., if I play in a band, I want you to come to the shows, enjoy what I'm doing and support the time I require to practice and do another band things, as opposed to complaining about the time it takes, and how you don't like it because your jealous of groupies.

    6. Same language obviously. I actually had a friend who dated a girl from Greece (we live in the usa). She spoke broken English but was good enough to carry a conversation. Eventually though it lead to a cultural barrier and broke them up because they couldn't have deep conversations about abstract topics, she just didn't have the knowledge of the English language and culture for that.

    7. Must be friendly with my friends and family. Doesn't have to love all of them, but can at least get a long with them at a party or something.

    8. Should have good relationships with her own friends and family. It's a red flag to other issues (mostly psychological) when she doesn't get along with her family or friends.

    9. Doesn't have to high a ratio of guy/girl friends. Guy friends are fine, but 10 guy friends and one girl friend raises red flags, not to mentioned I have to keep guarding you like a juicy steak in a den of lions.

    10. No self entitlement. Many women today feel this sense of entitlement or princess complex due to feminism and the way they were raised. In a healthy relationship we contribute 50/50. You are not the queen and me your servant, you are the queen and me the king. Basically you should be doing nice things for me as well, not just milking me for favors and gifts.

    11. Similar sex drive.


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  • Someone who doesn't piss me off! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Body: average shape, good skin, no tattoos. Boob size irrelevant.

    Personality: See above title statement. No dependencies on drugs/smokes/alcohol/credit cards.

    Hobbies: Sports is life, gaming is a bonus. Compulsive shopping is out.

    Language: Intelligent talk, I have no need for ghetto language and foul vulgarities.

    They must get along with my friends. I refuse to alienate myself from my friends and family over a hell-on-a-broom.

    How she is with me: She must be able to cope with my sex-drive-from-hell. And above even this: allow me to be my own man. Women don't like being dominated, same with us men. I get enough male degradation as it is.

  • ideal?

    body: skinny but with a relatively 'robust bust'. Small butt. Flat belly. Smooth, even complexion.

    personality: quiet and sex-driven. I'm not all about sex; to me it is only the fuel of a relationship. If we are sexually incompatible, we aren't going to get very far with anything else - but if we are, oh what a trip it could be! I would like her to share this philosophy and, of course, be completely sexually compatible - since this isn't the sexuality category, I won't go into details... She must also not be a 'worry-wart' or a 'nag.'

    hobbies: movies and video games are adequate. maybe some pot as well. If she thought of cooking as a hobby, that's a definite plus (but I can cook too, or we can go out all the time, I'm cool with that as well - provided financial feasibility). I prefer she not be too "outdoorsy" because I am not.

    Apart from that, as long as she can keep an open mind about anything that comes up, we'd get along great.

  • My ideal girl:

    Looks like this:


    And acts like this:


    So pretty much looking for the equivalent of this:


  • body: average height, pretty girlie face, not too big a feet :)

    persona: same level of intellect, spontaneous, experimental in every way, brave but in search of my arms

    hobbies: normal level of sport, creative

    language: soft and feminine (so not german or jewish)

    Friends: normally social

    with me: comfortable, sweet but sometimes kinky

    hope that's enough

  • that's impossible for me to say, because there is no one set "ideal" for me. I can be attracted to a variety of different things. There are things that turn me off, however no matter how physically attractive she is.

  • For me, it's someone I click with. Free spirited. Independent yet sweet and loving. Long hair. No shorter than 5'7. Language doesn't matter as long as we can understand each other. Compability is important,sexual and otherwise.


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